ACOR publications for sale in Amman
Publication TitlePrice JD AmmanPrice $ Amman
Arabic for Archaeologists, prepared by R. Schick (2009)JD 2$3
Ancient Ammonites and Modern Arabs: 5000 Years in the Madaba Plains of Jordan, edited by Gloria A. London and Douglas R. Clark (1997)JD 14$20
The Great Temple of Amman: The Architecture, by Chrysanthos Kanellopoulos (1994).JD 43$60
The Great Temple of Amman – The Excavations, by Anthi Koutsoukou, Kenneth W. Russell, Mohammad Najjar, and Ahmed Momani (1997)JD 35$50
Madaba: Cultural Heritage, edited by Patricia M. Bikai and Thomas A. Dailey (1996)JD 18$25
Megalithic Jordan: An introduction and field guide, by Gajus Scheltema (2008).JD 18$25
The Mosaics of Jordan, by Michele Piccirillo (1992)JD 106$150
The Petra Church, by Z. T. Fiema, C. Kanellopoulos, T. Waliszewski, and R. Schick (2001)JD 88.5$125
The Petra Papyri – Books I – V  
The Petra Papyri I, edited by J. Frösén, A. Arjava, and M. Lehtinen (2002)JD 36$50
The Petra Papyri II, edited by L. Koenen, J. Kaimio, M. Kaimio and R.W. Daniel (2013)JD 43$60
The Petra Papyri III, edited by A. Arjava, M. Buchholz, and T. Gagos (2007)JD 43$60
The Petra Papyri IV, edited by A. Arjava, M. Buchholz, T. Gagos, and M. Kaimio (2011) JD 43$60
The Petra Papyri Vedited by A. Arjava, J. Frösén, and J. Kaimio (2018)JD 43$60

Physical purchase in Jordan  

All of ACOR’s publications are available at ACOR in Amman, Jordan.  We do not have a significant stock of our books in the United States.  A customer can visit the Amman office and pay either in US dollars or in Jordanian dinars to buy books without incurring any shipping or delivery fees.   


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