Research Assistance Needed – connections to elderly Palestinian women in Jordan


    Professor Frances S. Hasso/فرنسس سوسن حصو

    Associate Professor at Duke University is currently at ACOR and will remain in Amman through May 2018 researching Palestinian child death, and reproductive experiences and health among Palestinian women during the British Mandate period (1920-1948). She has been working on this project for two years.

    She writes: “While my project significantly relies on archival source analysis (ideas welcome!), I am seeking to speak with elderly Palestinian women in their 90s who married and had pregnancies before 1948. They must be in their 90s. I am also seeking Palestinian midwives or healers above 80 years old. My # in Amman is (962) 07 9017 8214 (also on WhatsApp Messenger)”