The Archaeology of Olive Oil: New Excavations at Khirbet Ghozlan in the Wadi Ar-Rayyan

  About the Lecture: In the mid 3rd millennium BCE, people abandoned their fortified “urban” settlements and dispersed across the countryside into small village sites. However, their rural way-of-life may have been more complex than traditionally understood....

The Petra Papyri: A city’s diary from the 6th century CE (Lecture in Arabic)

To see other ACOR lectures in English, please click here. برديات بترا: ذاكرة المدينة و أهلها في القرن السادس الميلادي في عام 1993 اكتُشف أرشيف من البرديات اليونانية في الكنيسة البيزنطية ببترا، يتضمن 140 بردية تقريبًا،...
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