TWLCRM Celebrates Archaeological Institute of America’s 2015 Award for Best Practices in Site Preservation

Allison Mickel presents "Petra TWLCRM Initiative: Winner of the AIA 2015 Award for Best Practices in Site Preservation". Posted to YouTube Apr 8, 2015.

TWLCRM: Ro’ya Television, Donya ya Donya (interview with team member Eman Abdessalam)

تقرير الزميل علي الاعرج عن مشروع من مشاريع USAID في الأردن، استدامة الارث الثقافي

The Temple of the Winged Lions: Preserving and Presenting History

The first time I came to Petra, it was as a wide-eyed tourist; I walked through the Siq and followed the winding path to the Treasury, marveling at the banded colors in the rock and...

An Experience for All: The Temple of the Winged Lions in Petra

ACOR cannot thrive without the help of great interns - they are often current university students and recent graduates from the U.S. and Jordan. Safa' Joudeh and Libby Trowbridge worked together as a great intern team...

TWLCRM: BBC World’s The Travel Show

The mammoth task of unearthing Petra To preserve the ancient site of Petra for future generations, archaeologists and locals are re-excavating earlier archaeological “dumps” in search of lost treasures. This video is brought to you by BBC's Travel...

TWLCRM: Smithsonian Channel, Sacred Sites

Sacred Sites: Were the Women of Petra More Important Than Men? The Nabataeans worshipped powerful female deities and built lavish shrines in their honor. Could this religious order be a clue into the elevated status of women...
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