The Temple of the Winged Lions: Preserving and Presenting History

The first time I came to Petra, it was as a wide-eyed tourist; I walked through the Siq and followed the winding path to the Treasury, marveling at the banded colors in the rock and...

TWLCRM: Ro’ya Television, Donya ya Donya (interview with team member Eman Abdessalam)

تقرير الزميل علي الاعرج عن مشروع من مشاريع USAID في الأردن، استدامة الارث الثقافي

TWLCRM Celebrates Archaeological Institute of America’s 2015 Award for Best Practices in Site Preservation

Allison Mickel presents "Petra TWLCRM Initiative: Winner of the AIA 2015 Award for Best Practices in Site Preservation". Posted to YouTube Apr 8, 2015.

TWLCRM: Smithsonian Channel, Sacred Sites

Sacred Sites: Were the Women of Petra More Important Than Men? The Nabataeans worshipped powerful female deities and built lavish shrines in their honor. Could this religious order be a clue into the elevated status of women...

TWLCRM: BBC World’s The Travel Show

The mammoth task of unearthing Petra To preserve the ancient site of Petra for future generations, archaeologists and locals are re-excavating earlier archaeological “dumps” in search of lost treasures. This video is brought to you by BBC's Travel...
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