A group of SCHEP Scholars with H.R.H Princess Sumaya Bint Hassan (center) at ICHAJ 13. Photo by Dr. Barbara A. Porter.

ACOR Insights: September 2016

ACOR Insights: September 2016 USAID-SCHEP Brings New Voices to Jordan's ICHAJ Conference USAID-SCHEP awarded 15 scholarships to university students of archaeology, tourism and heritage, giving Jordanian students from across the country the opportunity to participate in an international...
View of the Temple of the Winged Lions site within Petra. Since its inception, a major goal of the TWLCRM Initiative has been the stabilization of the temple complex’s southwest quadrant, particularly the large exposed rubble section (visible behind the arches near the bottom of the photo) that is in danger of collapse. Photo by Giuseppe Delmonaco.

ACOR Insights: April 2016

ACOR Insights: April 2016 New Insights into Petra's Temple of the Winged Lions An update on the progress of restoration and site management efforts at ACOR's flagship archaeology project in Petra, the Temple of the Winged Lions. The...
SCHEP Launches “Site Steward” Program

ACOR Insights: September 2015

ACOR Insights: September 2015 Jordan’s Cultural Caretakers — SCHEP Launches “Site Steward” Program In July 2015, ACOR hosted a workshop as part of SCHEP’s new “site steward” program, which empowers local community members to care for and preserve...
A major goal of SCHEP is to support the development of trained local teams capable of implementing necessary interventions at archaeological sites around Jordan, such as this conservation unit shown working on ACOR’s Temple of the Winged Lions project in Petra. Photo by Ghaith al-Faqeer.

ACOR Insights: May 2015

ACOR Insights: May 2015 Introducing SCHEP: Sustainable Cultural Heritage through Engagement of Local Communities Project ACOR signed in November 2014 an agreement with USAID to implement the Sustainable Cultural Heritage through Engagement of Local Communities Project (SCHEP). Learn...

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