Excavated pots from the Bad Adh-Dhra Tomb (photo Kersel)

“The Lives of Pots” by Dr. Morag Kersel

The Lives of Pots: Grave Goods, Excavated Artifacts, Looted Items, and Collected Objects from the Early Bronze Age Mortuary Sites on the Dead Sea Plain of Jordan Dr. Morag Kersel Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology...
An example of signed rock art from Wadi Ramm. Photo G.J. Corbett.

“New Insights into Thamudic Inscriptions” by Dr. Glenn J. Corbett

Messages from the Desert: New Insights into Thamudic Inscriptions and Rock Drawings from Jordan's Wadi Ramm Dr. Glenn J. Corbett Director of the Wadi Hafir Petroglyph Survey, Former ACOR NEH Fellow and Independent Scholar Wednesday 25 September at...
Pella (Tabqat al Fahl); photo by Bob Miller

“From Village to Bishopric: Pella” by Dr. Stephen Bourke

From Village to Bishopric: Pella in Jordan 2013 Dr. Stephen Bourke Research Associate in Near Eastern Archaeology at Sydney University Tuesday 26 February 2013 at 6:00pm Reception to Follow About the Lecture This fully illustrated lecture will focus on recent discoveries...

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