Catreena Hamarneh, James A. Sauer Fellow at ACOR, Fall 2017

Catreena Hamarneh is a Jordanian archaeologist and a Ph.D. candidate in Classical Archaeology at Von Humboldt University. In 2017, she was awarded the James A. Sauer ACOR Fellowship. She began her professional career in archaeology...

Lithics and Learning—Communities of Practice at Kharaneh IV

An ACOR Blog article by recent ACOR fellow Felicia De Peña on her research into stone tool making and experimental archaeology. Felicia was awarded the Kenneth W. Russell Fellowship (2017-2018).   For years, I have been drawn...

Vivian Laughlin, 2017—2018 Bikai Fellow

Ms. Vivian A. Laughlin is a Ph. D Candidate in the Institute of Archeology at Andrews University with a concentration in Ancient Near Eastern Archeology and Anthropology.  She is the Bikai fellow at ACOR for...

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