ACOR’s Library and its electronic resources are actively utilized by Jordanian professors, scholars, and students, ACOR fellows, and the international community. Thanks to free access to ACOR’s Library and to JSTOR, many Jordanian professors have been able to keep up in their fields and many Jordanian students have been able to finish their theses and dissertations. JSTOR is a valuable tool, not only for providing unparalleled access to research materials, but also as a magnet to bring about greater international scholarly interaction. Over time, there has been a marked increase in the attendance and use of the ACOR library. In 2011 ACOR’s library services were utilized by 2,500 non-resident scholars and students – in 2012 the number increased to 3,800.

Maintaining the ACOR library is an expensive endeavor and we welcome support from individuals and institutions.

Your donation can help:

  • Support for the annual fees to allow scholars to access JSTOR for free.
  • Purchase resources to expand ACOR’s collections in the fields of archaeology, art history, conservation, cultural heritage, history, and Middle Eastern studies.
  • Support provision of technical assistance to scholars by ACOR’s skilled library staff.

The American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR) Library depends upon donations of books and money for the expansion of the library. Currently the Anne C. Ogilvy Memorial library endowment ensures the purchase of new acquisitions and maintenance of the literary assets of the library. No donation is too small or too large.

Cash Donations:

You may send a U.S. dollar check to the Boston office and also to the Amman office. Either location will accept U.S. dollars and Jordanian dinar checks. A letter of appreciation / certificate of donation will be mailed to you for tax purposes.

ACOR’s Library Funding History

The ACOR’s library has been fortunate in the past to receive generous funding for the renewal of furniture and computers in the library from the U.S. Embassy in Jordan, USAID and USIA, the Canada Fund, the Embassy of Canada, and the Government of Canada.

The ACOR Library was privileged to receive two Library Acquisitions grants in 2003-5 and 2006-8 from the Getty Foundation. These grants enabled ACOR to significantly expand its collections in the fields of archaeology, art history and conservation.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has funded ACOR’s access to JSTOR though the Digital Library for International Research Initiative of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC). The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s commitment to this project substantially enhances the resources available at the ACOR library to resident scholars, fellows, and library visitors.

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