acor-mesa-cropTerms of the ACOR Fellow MESA Award

The ACOR Fellow MESA Award provides support in the amount of $1,000 to a former ACOR Fellow of any nationality for participation in the MESA annual meeting. This award was established in 2016, and serves to encourage former or current ACOR fellow participation in the MESA annual meeting.  Proposed topics may be in any sub-discipline within the natural and social sciences or humanities, and may focus on antiquity, the medieval period, or the modern era. Research topics are broadly interpreted and should contribute to scholarship in Near Eastern studies. Eligible applicants are Graduate or Post-Doctoral students who have registered at MESA’s annual meeting and whose abstract has been accepted by MESA. Applicants must be current or former ACOR fellows. CAORC, NEH and fellows from our ‘named’ scholarships may apply. Former Critical Language Scholarship students of Arabic who were resident at ACOR between 2006-2012 are also eligible to apply.

In order to receive the award, the recipient must register for the meeting and present their paper as scheduled. The awardee must mention the award and ACOR in the text of their paper, in addition to including ACOR’s logo on their “Thank You” slide. A check for $1000 will be mailed before the meeting takes place.

Deadline for applications is February 1st, 2018.

For more information, please see our announcement on MESA’s website:

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