ACOR Publications: Best Seller

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Ways to Purchase ACOR Publications

1. Online through this Book Marketplace with a credit card.

2. Physical purchase in Jordan. All of ACOR’s publications are available at ACOR in Amman, Jordan. We do not have a significant stock of our books in the United States. A customer can visit the Amman office and pay either in US dollars or in Jordanian dinars to buy books without incurring any shipping or delivery fees.

3. Mail check in USD to ACOR Amman: A customer can send a check in US dollars and drawn on a US bank for books plus shipping costs. This check may be sent to ACOR in Amman or Alexandria, VA (addresses below).

The American Center of Oriental Research

P.O. Box 2470

Amman 11181, Jordan

The American Center of Oriental Research

209 Commerce Street

Alexandria, VA 22314-2909

TEL: 962-6-534–6117

FAX: 962-6-534-4181


TEL: +1 703-789-9231


Director: Dr. Pearce Paul Creasman Assistant Director: Dr. China Shelton
Office hours: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Saturday through Thursday, Amman time. Answering machine during other hours. Office hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, Eastern time (US). Answering machine during other hours.
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