Housekeeping Staff: Cesar Octavo, Nelda Onsing

The ACOR facility is kept clean by a dedicated staff of three custodians.  They have worked together for many years and all joined ACOR during the administration of former Director Dr. Pierre Bikai.

Caesar Octavio has been with ACOR since July 1995. His work day begins early and he is generally at ACOR six days a week; between 5am—11am.  Caesar is responsible for everything to support special events at ACOR such as academic seminars, setting up the library seating to accommodate guests at the lecture series, and serving at ACOR receptions.

Nelda Onsing manages the laundry service for hostel residents, in addition to housecleaning and special events with Cesar.  Nelda joined ACOR in January 2019. She enjoys going out to places, especially having picnic, when she has a free time.