ACOR Library Launches Online Photo Archive

The public can now begin searching ACOR’s rich photographic collections using a simple, easy-to-use web interface. Click on the image below to learn more and begin searching the collections yourself.

Learn More about the ACOR Photo Archive


Archaeology in the Attic — An ACOR Video Lecture


Archival Archaeology: Digging for Connections in a Box of Photos

ACOR Associate Director Glenn Corbett introduces the new ACOR Library Photographic Archive project to preserve documentation of Jordan’s cultural heritage. Read more
Consulting archivist Corrie Commisso discusses her experiences helping to launch the new ACOR Library Photographic Archive. Read more

ACOR Fellows

Read about the latest, state-of-the-art research being undertaken by ACOR’s fellows.

Mining Manuscripts of the Ottoman Archives

Read more

Identity and Social Conflict in Jordan

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Studying a Population of Syrian Refugees

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Spotlight on the USAID SCHEP Project

Now concluding its third year, ACOR’s USAID SCHEP project continues to work to involve local communities in Jordan’s cultural heritage preservation.

How Women Are Taking the Lead in Preserving Jordan’s Past

Women across Jordan face barriers to entering the workforce, particularly in the fields of tourism and cultural heritage. Learn about women who are changing the status quo.

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SCHEP-CB-Cover shot-final

Community-Based Archaeology — A Video Lecture

The SCHEP team provides an overview of the USAID SCHEP project in Jordan and an update of the sites where SCHEP works.
Community Engagement in Rock Art Management in Wadi Rum – An ACOR & USAID SCHEP Video Lecture by Dr. Kaelin Groom

Community Engagement in Rock Art Management – A Video Lecture

Dr. Kaelin Groom discusses how the USAID SCHEP project is working in Wadi Rum to protect rock art and inscriptions.

Independent Research

View ACOR video lectures from distinguished scholars who work in Jordan and elsewhere in the Middle East.
Sea Peoples and neo-Hittites — an ACOR Video Lecture by Dr. Timothy P. Harrison

Sea Peoples and neo-Hittites — an ACOR Video Lecture

Dr. Timothy Harrison, Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology at the University of Toronto, discusses discoveries about the ancient states that rose to power in Turkey’s Amuq Valley.

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The Visible Dead: Dolmens and the Landscape — An ACOR Video Lecture by Dr. James Fraser

Landscape in the Bronze Age Levant — An ACOR Video Lecture

Dr. James Fraser, senior curator of the University of Sydney’s Nicholson Museum, delivers an engaging lecture about Jordan’s poorly understood megalithic monuments.

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ACOR-NEH Grant Supports Critical Scholarship

An image of...
We are happy to announce that ACOR received a National Endowment for the Humanities “Fellowship Programs at Independent Research Institutions” grant. The grant provides six months of fellowship funding for the upcoming 2018–2019 grant cycle, and is intended to promote critical scholarship in the humanities related to Jordan and the Middle East. Read more

ACOR 50th Anniversary

In 2018 ACOR will celebrate 50 years in Jordan.
JT_Blog 50


Miriam Saleh, Development Officer, reflects on ACOR's past, present, and future. She also introduces upcoming events in 2018 that are planned in Jordan and in the USA to celebrate. Read more
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