ACOR Insights: September 2016

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ACOR Insights: September 2016

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A group of SCHEP Scholars with H.R.H Princess Sumaya Bint Hassan (center) at ICHAJ 13. Photo by Dr. Barbara A. Porter.

USAID-SCHEP Brings New Voices to Jordan’s ICHAJ Conference

USAID-SCHEP awarded 15 scholarships to university students of archaeology, tourism and heritage, giving Jordanian students from across the country the opportunity to participate in an international conference held in Amman.


The Aftermath of ‘Ain Ghazal: What Happened after 7000 BC?

Long-time ACOR scholar, frequent ACOR fellow, and leading prehistorian Dr. Gary Rollefson writes below about his current research in the eastern desert of Jordan. ...

Framing Jordan: The Country Inside and Outside the Camera

Recent ACOR-CAORC fellow George Potter writes about his current research into Jordanian films and the social geography of locations in Jordan and Palestine included...

ACOR in Focus

Jordan’s Heritage Takes to the Skies – ACOR Scholarship Recipient Asem...

If you fly with Royal Jordanian Airlines, it is entirely possible that you will meet Asem Abu Doleh at work on your flight. Asem...

Independent Research of Interest

Heritage in Stone—Assessing the Geologic Stability of Jordan’s Rock Art

  Driving north from Azraq on Jordan’s Highway 5 and turning off onto a dirt track that gradually approaches the region’s looming volcanic mountains, one...

Research in Focus: Rewriting the History of the Great Arab Revolt

A captain in the Australian army at the beginning of his career, Neil Dearberg has had a long interest in Australia’s military history, particularly...

Other Announcements

ACOR Wishes everyone a Happy and Blessed Eid al-Adha in September. ACOR in Amman will be closed according to the schedule that will be announced by the Jordanian government. The Islamic Holiday is expected to begin on Sunday 11 September or Monday 12 September 2016 and many institutions in the public and the private sector in Jordan will be closed for four days.

Upcoming public lecture in Amman: Wednesday 28 September 2016 at 6 pm ACOR-CAORC Senior Fellow in Residence Dr. Suzanne Richard will speak on the topic The Levantine Early Bronze Age: Re-evaluation and New Vistas.

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