ACOR Insights: April 2016

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ACOR Insights: April 2016

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View of the Temple of the Winged Lions site within Petra. Since its inception, a major goal of the TWLCRM Initiative has been the stabilization of the temple complex’s southwest quadrant, particularly the large exposed rubble section (visible behind the arches near the bottom of the photo) that is in danger of collapse. Photo by Giuseppe Delmonaco.

New Insights into Petra’s Temple of the Winged Lions

An update on the progress of restoration and site management efforts at ACOR’s flagship archaeology project in Petra, the Temple of the Winged Lions.

Focus on ACOR Fellows

Understanding the New Urban Geographies of the Syrian Conflict

Jordan is a rewarding place to be a geographer. To the south and east, deserts host an array of communities living close to tribal...

When Bread Is More than Just Bread

Bakeries lie at the center of communal life in Jordan’s cities and towns. They mark daily rhythms and movements in countless neighborhoods. The subsidized...

Focus on Petra

Umm Al-Biyara: Petra’s Not-So-Hidden Jewel

Petra has many things to offer visitors who come to explore its dramatic tomb facades and the many ancient temples and buildings situated along...

The Women of the TWLCRM

Since joining ACOR’s Board of Trustees in 2012, I have been fascinated by the Temple of the Winged Lions Cultural Resource Management (TWLCRM) Initiative’s...
Since ACOR’s founding in 1968, Chef Mohammed (Abu Ahmed) Adawi has been preparing meals for ACOR fellows, staff, board members, and guests – and helping ACOR create a sense of community in Jordan. We are pleased that ASOR (the...

The Distinguished Career of ACOR Chef Mohammed Adawi

In 2015, ASOR (the American Schools of Oriental Research) recognized Chef Mohammed Adawi with the W. F. Albright Service Award for his outstanding service contribution to ACOR. In honor of this important recognition, we share the photo of ACOR Director Barbara A. Porter presenting the award to him and her touching profile of Abu Ahmed’s remarkable career and the significant contributions he has made over the years to the center’s success.

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